Control4 Climate

Control4 Climate

Control4 comfort control products make automated temperature control a simple and affordable part of any Control4 Home Automation System. Featuring bi-directional communication and seamless integration with the Control4 network, wireless thermostats add an impressive array of comfort control functions that can interact with every other intelligent device in the home.

Control4 Wireless Thermostat


The Control4® Wireless Thermostat adds intelligent temperature control to your home. Enjoy a heating and cooling schedule personalized to your lifestyle that can be activated by a single touch. Conserve energy by adjusting the HVAC automatically to respond to the outside temperature, season or time of day. Add convenience by controlling the temperature from any Control4 User Interface whether you're in the next room or the next state.*

*Remote access requires subscription to 4Sight.

Control4 Fireplace Switch


The Control4® Fireplace Switch makes it easy to integrate control of standard gas fireplaces into any Control4 system. Enjoy control of your fireplace from any room in your home, and integrate you fireplace into a wake-up or goodnight scene. The Control4 Fireplace Switch is perfect for extending control to any standard gas fireplace.


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