1TouchSolutions utilizes several speaker manufatures to complete your system meeting your expectations, room layout, and budget.  Here is a general deciding factor when choosing speaker type for our systems:

Klipsch- Great Dedicated Home Theater Speaker, very clean and detailed making it great for vocal clarity in movie watching.  Including a smaller version of the THX line that is actually used in commercial cinemas.  We also use Klipsch in whole house systems that require a very efficient speaker.  The Paladium line with cabinet design provided by BMW and superior sound quality will make the most critical music and movie enthusiast happy.  $150. - $20,000. a pair.

PSB- We use PSB for Media Rooms that are used for multiple purposes where music and movies are equally important.  PSB is designed to be an Audiophile Speaker, so they strive to make the most accurate sounding speaker that they can at all price points.  $250. - $5500. a pair.

Triad- Our Custom Line.  Made in the USA, allowing every speaker to be built to the size and color required.  Award winning sound in all enviroments.  Triad is our architect's and interior designer's favorite line.  They provide color match in-ceiling and in-wall speakers at no additional charge.  Triad even has a line that is completely invisble to the eye.  For the client looking for the highest end Home Theatre, Triad has a complete solution from room design to room treatment.  $500. - $14,000. a pair


Klipsch, one of the first U.S. loudspeaker companies, has been building premium speakers since 1946. When Paul W. Klipsch—one of America’s most celebrated audio pioneers and Engineering and Science Hall of Fame inductee—founded Klipsch & Associates, he was hand-building every speaker inside a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas. Paul Klipsch was a relentless perfectionist who spearheaded the Hi-Fi movement with the company’s foundation product: the Klipschorn® (still manufactured today). A true music lover, Paul’s ultimate goal was to reproduce the excitement of a live orchestra performance in his living room. 

Klipsch Palladium

Palladium- Offering the highest level of perfection in every respect, this luxurious series is the pinnacle of modern-day horn-loaded technology and craftsmanship.

Klipsch THX Cinema Series

THX Cinema Series- This extraordinary custom home theater series brings real cinema sound to the comforts of home by using the same professional-grade technology as Klipsch’s renowned professional cinema systems.

Klipsch Reference Series

Reference Series- Our Reference series offers premium Home Audio components, from floorstanding to surround sound speakers, and everything in between. Find a combination to fit your lifestyle.

Klipsch Architecural Series

Architecural Series- Whether for home theater or stereo music, our easy-to-install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers let users enjoy design-friendly, high quality sound with zero compromises.

Klipsch Gallery Series

Gallery Series- Designed with modern decor in mind, each Klipsch Gallery component is part of a true cross-over home audio solution, occupying minimal space and delivering enhanced sound - no matter the need or living environment.



Paul Barton, founder and chief designer of PSB Speakers, started with a vision in his childhood years as he played the violin and enjoyed the dynamics and natural sound recreation that music offered. As he became disappointed with the design and sound of traditional loudspeakers, Mr. Barton set out to change the loudspeaker and recreate that “true-to-nature” sound imbedded in musical soundtracks. PSB Speakers has endured many hardships and triumphs on its 40 year journey to perfect the design of high performance, high quality loudspeakers.

PSB Speakers are an ideal choice for today’s home audio consumer – novice to audiophile. Today, PSB offers a wide collection of high performance options, including Synchrony, Imagine, Image, and Alpha in-room speakers, outdoor speakers, SubSeries subwoofers, CustomSound in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, and in-cabinet speakers. With all these options at your fingertips, you’re sure to find a speaker system that will be just right for your listening preferences and the size of your listening room, or even your entire house! The dream of integrating our “Real Sound for Real People” philosophy into your home audio entertainment is not far out of reach.

PSB Synchrony

The Synchrony series of loudspeakers carries the traditional PSB virtues to new heights, with seven models developed together and tonally matched to unprecedented precision. In doing so, Synchrony yields sonic performance that pushes the boundaries of the possible, whether judged by way of close technical analysis or by rigorous subjective evaluation.

Synchrony One Home Theater speakers

PSB Imagine

PSB has taken the hard-won knowledge and technical accomplishments it has achieved to create four models of refreshingly affordable speakers that reach remarkable heights of performance in beautiful compound curved cabinets. 

Imagine T Home Theater speakers

PSB Image

The goal of our Image Series of speakers has always been to deliver a full range of versatile, uncompromising speakers at exceptional value. The newly designed Image Series does just that and more by offering premium PSB performance at a reasonable price. We have focused on the real needs and wants of listeners and the result is a series with high-value features and advancements never before seen at this level.

Image T6 Home Theater speakers.jpg

PSB Alpha

The globally-acclaimed Alpha Series offers five models to fit the needs of any audio setting. The Alpha Series of speakers offers audiophile sound quality at an affordable price but not at the expense of appeal and style. 

HT2 Bundle Home Theater speakers

PSB Architectual

In-Wall In-Ceiling Home Theatre speakers


Triad offers the most complete array of applications-based custom speaker solutions, designed for specific usage, and without compromise. We believe custom speakers should be the same high quality as the very best audiophile speakers, but they should blend unobtrusively into your environment.

A Truely custom speaker, Triad will build speaker to fit any size and color.  Triad will custom make cabinet for a totally custom fit.  High Grade Veneers to match any wood type you would like.  Triad will Paint all Flush Mount Speakers to exact paint colors of your room for no charge.

Triad is for the client wanting the best sound to fit in any location.

Triad LCR Series

InRoom, InWall, and InCeiling versions all feature a paintable Acoustimesh grill, sealed, engineered enclosures, and identical performance. Choose the appropriate version for the best results regardless of placement.

Triad CinemaPlus Systems

CinemaPlus products are available to all Triad dealers for serious home cinema systems. These are versions of our successful Platinum LCR and Silver Subwoofer that have been modified for easy installation in engineered and purpose built home cinema rooms. The addition of the baffle wall, in concert with the Platinum LCR, provides higher efficiency, high frequency diffraction control and cleaner, tighter output.

The CinemaPlus products are designed with minimal wall depth which makes the build out and installation much easier than other products in this category.

Triad Designer Series

Designer Series- the first truly invisible speakers from Triad. DesignerSeries is the perfect solution for applications that require great sound, but speakers cannot be seen…not even inwall grills. Triad’s DesignerSeries utilizes a revolutionary “diffuse source” vibrating soundboard technique (like that of a traditional acoustical musical instrument) to reproduce clear, clean, highly intelligible sound. 

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